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Authorised Canon Dealership

As an authorised Canon dealership we can supply a broad range of Digital Office Solutions to suit your requirements whether you are looking for a small desktop copier or a machine capable of copying, printing and scanning in colour.

By connecting one of our all-in-one devices to your network you are adding powerful business capability. Not only can Canon’s Digital iR products reduce your printing and copying costs they are also integral communication tools. Our highly adaptable intelligent products integrate smoothly into your workflow so you derive maximum benefit from today’s digital communications with the confidence that our expertise is supporting you and your business.

Laser printers are readily available from many manufacturers but the running costs of such devices can be very high. Whilst we can supply laser printers at competitive prices, digital copier printers offer more flexibility as well as fixed cost printing and high speed output too. Most copier / printers cost at least 50% less per page to run than standard laser printers

We specialise in short term rentals for conferences, exhibitions and construction contracts, from hiring a colour copier for a weekend to renting a black and white copier / printer / scanner for a 9 month building contract, we can supply the right equipment for the right application.

Laser Printers & Digital Copiers

Short Term Rentals