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A Cheaper Alternative To Inkjet Printers: A Usage Only Deal On Laser Printers

Trio Systems offers a usage-only deal on laser printers to small businesses and the self-employed.

When you set up in business, it’s important to keep a tight control on your expenses, so you decide to make do with the family desktop inkjet because it’s cheaper – isn’t it?

If you’re using less than a packet of paper every few weeks, it’s probably a reasonable option, but if you’re printing off more pages than that, we need to talk.

Inkjet Printers - The True Cost

Desktop printers are almost considered disposable these days because they’re so cheap to buy, but the downside is you find yourself buying a new one every three years or so (maybe five years for a laser printer), when your old one breaks down.

Additionally, a set of inkjet printer replacement cartridges can cost up to £85. And once one colour runs out, your machine refuses even to print in black and white until the empty cartridge is replaced. If you’re working in the evening, which isn’t unheard of among the self-employed or small business owners, then your printer is rendered useless.

Another problem with inkjet printers is they can be slow. You have to wait for each page to dry so, while the first page is fairly quick, larger documents take forever to print off.

Helping Local Businesses To Save More Than 50% On Printing Costs

If you’re using more than a packet of paper every two weeks, renting a laser printer could save you money, but we find a lot of small businesses are still reluctant to commit to an agreement.

Trio Systems likes to support start-ups and small businesses (we were one once). We have a number of pre-used printers in our warehouse, so we offer small businesses pre-used laser printers and multi-functional devices purely for the cost of usage. You don’t even pay rental, just a fixed rate for the number of copies printed.

We’re helping small businesses, self-employed people and even a local Guides group, saving them at least 50% on their printing costs as a result.

For that, you also get installation and our maintenance and repair service to make sure you can be up and running again as soon as possible after a breakdown.

So that’s the deal, we get a spare machine operating and you get a cheaper service and fewer headaches; it’s a win-win deal.

As a number of my customers have said: “Why didn’t we do this before?”

Want To Keep Your Office Working? Ask For Our Free Consultation.

See what your local printer rental company can do for you, but if you get no joy, Trio Systems offers the full range of Canon multifunctional devices and most cost effective solution to keep your office running, then contact Trio Systems or call on 020 8893 4455.

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