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Taking positive action for our environment

We’re always thinking about how Trio Systems can work towards meeting our green credentials. We want to have a positive impact on our environment and appreciate that it takes a conscious effort to make a real difference.

Some measures, such as transporting over 60% of our waste to the local recycling facility are obvious actions to take, but an active approach is needed across all our business activities, products and services to make a real difference.

Here are a few examples of how we’re realising our environmental policy.


At Trio we’ve invested in a range of electric and hybrid cars. Some of these cars won’t offer as great a range of travel as petrol/diesel vehicles but they do offer other advantages, not just environmentally. When driving in London we’re exempt from congestion charge, can have priority parking and don’t usually need to use the engine in the city, saving on fuel.


In our industry it would be easy to dispose of many used consumable products as throw-away rubbish, but we take steps to reduce this:

· Ink toners are sent away and refilled rather than binned

· Packaging used is either recyclable plastic or cardboard

· Old equipment parts are returned to Canon for refurbishment and reuse, which is better than recycling

· After the initial contract, nearly all machines are refurbished and reused if they continue to be serviceable

· For customers who don’t want to “bin” their old consumables, we will collect and recycle them

· We pay for our recycling bin collection from the council (surely the council should be encouraging this with a free collection?)

· Products at the end of their life are returned to Canon who have a policy of recovering all metal and plastic parts for recycling.

Forestry Support

It may seem a little counter intuitive that an industry that supports the use of volumes of paper can really say it cares for forests, and we’ve all heard that old joke about using up a rain forest when printing off copies of a document.

First of all, unless you’re using paper made from teak or mahogany you aren’t harming the rainforest! The paper will come from sustainable sources in areas such as Scandinavia. This means:

· Each tree cut down is replaced by two more

· A growing tree absorbs twice as much CO2 as a fully-grown tree

· Forests are given a value by providing paper and therefore will be sustained rather than cleared

At Trio Systems we have a very clear view on how we approach our corporate responsibility towards the environment.

As stated in our Environmental Policy, “our guiding principle is to pursue maximisation of resources efficiency and contribute to the creation of a society that practises sustainable development”. It’s ambitious, but as we all know, for the sake of our environment, we must all be committed to taking bold measures.

Do you want to work with an environmentally friendly photocopier supplier and service provider? Talk to Trio Systems

Trio Systems offers the full range of Canon multifunctional devices. For a free consultation on the best and most cost effective solution to keep your office running in an environmentally friendly way, contact us at Trio Systems for more information at Trio Systems or ring 02088 934455.


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