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Always read the small print

Let your contract run to completion before changing it

We offer to review existing contracts and finance agreements on photocopiers and multi-functional devices (MFDs) for prospective clients but people are often quite nervous about showing me what they’ve already signed with their current supplier, worried they’ve done something silly.

Common problems with old photocopier and printer contracts

The purchasing officer, or whoever has responsibility for office equipment, often feels a bit embarrassed that they may have signed a contract without looking at the alternatives or working out its true cost. The cause is often due to a persuasive or pushy salesman who has put pressure pressure on them.

Here are some of the things we see:

● Repeated renewals of the same contract, rather than looking for a cheaper or more appropriate deal

● Keeping various machines on lots of different contracts

● Changing finance agreement mid-term to add new machines

Ending finance agreements early to add a new machine is something we see a lot. Office managers or business owners may have signed a five year contract because it keeps the quarterly bill down, but after two or three years they realise they need a new photocopier / printer / scanner or possibly an additional one.

They get an offer of a new contract from their existing supplier, which may sound cheaper on a quarterly basis, but they don’t take into account the requirement to settle up the original financial agreement first. If you don’t read the small print carefully, you could even be making new payments on a machine you’ve already bought outright.

We always advise people to let their existing finance agreement run its course before getting a new one.

Add to your existing contract

At Trio Systems, we provide our own financing packages, which means we can just put new machines onto an existing agreement. We’ve just done this for one client (a large school in Surrey) adding two more photocopiers to their existing contract for 13, without them having to pay off the outstanding amounts and start again.

This keeps things simple for our customers and gives them the freedom to make their own decisions about how many MFDs they need in their office.

Trio Systems

Trio Systems exists to equip our customers with the right products tailored for their specific requirements, providing personable service and support.

As an authorised Canon dealership we supply a broad range of digital office solutions to suit our customers’ requirements, from small desktop copiers to office MFD's capable of large scale copying, printing and scanning in colour. Our machines reduce printing and copying costs and integrate smoothly into any office workflow.

For more information about the best multi-functional devices to suit your office needs, then contact us at or call on 020 8893 4455.


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