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Print your documents anywhere with Canon’s uniFLOW

Printing and scanning shouldn’t be causing blockages, long waits and frustration in your office, especially when there is a cost-effective solution available. As an authorised dealer of Canon products, we’ve seen an increased uptake of Canon’s uniFLOW product by businesses wanting a seamless management of printing and scanning and document security across multiple machines.

What is uniFLOW?

uniFLOW is cloud-based software that provides a printing and scanning management solution. It allows workers to print anywhere and from any device in your business, removing restrictions on which printing or scanning device they can use.

Workers simply send a document to print, go to the printer they want to collect in from and input their personal access information into that printer for the document to be printed or scanned.

Why do businesses enjoy using uniFLOW?

The flexibility and security offered by uniFLOW offer numerous advantages to a business:

· Sensitive information is secure because documents can’t be printed without the user’s authentication code being provided to the printing or scanning machine.

· The degree to which you can track printing, scanning and copying can help financial officers to understand where costs lie, and offers greater financial control.

· Visitors can use your printers if you give them a special access code. The system remains inaccessible to those without access permission.

· Documents sent for printing or scanning can be easily deleted if they are no longer wanted, saving costs and reducing paper waste.

· Users can create personalised workflows to capture, store and share digital documents and there’s no need to route documents to a specific printer because uniFLOW can auto direct jobs to the best device.

· Being cloud based, uniFLOW is quick and easy to upload onto computers in your intranet with no need to install on a server. It’s also simple to add new PCs to the network.

Do I need to install new printers for uniFLOW?

The uniFLOW package now comes as standard in all Canon products. If you’re looking to invest in a new machine, the range can be viewed here. If you already have one of our printing devices, there are no fixed contracts and so you don’t have to wait to replace a machine.

However, uniFLOW can also be used across multiple vendor machines and can be integrated into your existing devices, so you can still maximise your printer machine investment by installing uniFLOW.

The cost of uniFLOW is only £1.75 per person per month. This low cost means you should make the cost back through reduced printing and if you are away and not using the printers, there’s no charge.

Talk to Trio

Trio Systems offers the full range of Canon multifunctional devices. If you’re interested in learning more about uniFLOW and want to work with an environmentally friendly photocopier supplier and service provider, then contact Trio Systems for more information or ring 02088 934455.


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