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It’s time to bring back national service!

No, I’m not talking about “square-bashing” in baggy, green, itchy looking uniforms. I mean providing the same level of service to a client whether they’re based near us or have an office at the other end of the country.

We pride ourselves on the personal level of face-to-face service we offer our customers, always ready to call round if a problem needs fixing, or just to listen to their needs. Although we’re based out of London and many of our clients are in the Home Counties, that doesn’t stop us from providing the same level of care wherever you work.

Several of our customers have multiple offices, scattered in different part of the country and to make their lives easier, we’re happy to provide a full service, supplying photocopiers and multi-functional devices (MFDs) to their whole network of offices.

The convenience of a single photocopier agent

There are a number of advantages to having one company providing the same photocopying equipment to each of your offices:

· Compatibility. Devices, such as Canon’s C5535i offer AirPrint which allows you to print immediately from your mobile phone. So if you happen to be in a different branch office, there’s no problem. The nearest machine is compatible with your phone app so you can print a document off wherever you are.

· Simplicity and cost. Having common consumables allows you to simplify ordering and lets you make meaningful usage comparisons across your business.

· Single point of contact. We deal with all of our customers’ calls, so there’s only one phone number for them to ring, no matter where a problem might be. Dealing with one contract for a number of MFDs also makes life easier.

A full service, wherever you are

We recently supplied MFDs for a customer with regional offices stretching from Edinburgh to Dorset, via Newcastle and Birmingham and Oxford. We work with trusted partners around the country who we know provide the same level of service that we give to our local customers:

· Taking away old machine away and disposing of them properly, in accordance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive, EU directive 2012/19/EU. As we aim to be green (take a look at our last post) we do our best to reuse your old machine, which means you don’t pay recycling fees.

· Installing your new machines on site.

· Setting up and integrating your new machines into your office network. This is where the engineers come in, putting in the miles to ensure everything’s working properly and you’re happy with your machines.

We may be locally based but if any client with offices around the country has a problem we can be there to solve it and get the office up and running with minimal delay.

Ask for a free consultation to see how Trio Systems’ national network of service providers can help you

Trio Systems offers the full range of Canon multifunctional devices. For a free consultation on the best and most cost effective solution to keep your office running in an environmentally friendly way, contact us at Trio Systems for more information at Trio Systems or ring 02088 934455.


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