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Business as usual after Brexit, with Trio Systems

Brexit - I think I mentioned it once but I got away with it!

Anyone old enough to remember Faulty Towers will remember the “Germans” episode and Basil Fawlty’s desperate attempts not to mention the war, while constantly going on about it to his hapless Teuton guests. Brexit feels the same. The default mode of us British is to avoid controversial topics of conversation to prevent conflict, but the more we try, the more it rears its head.

But considering how Brexit is now not so much the elephant in the room but the rhino charging at 30mph towards your landrover, I’m going to talk about it and what it could mean to our Canon multi-functional device (MFD) customers at Trio Systems.

Don’t panic!

Continuing the 70’s sitcom theme, this is actually the message we want to get across to our customers. We’re exclusive stockists of Canon equipment and the company has prudently put a system in place to keep customers in the UK fully supported.

Our politicians may not be able to make any decisions at the moment but fortunately the good people at Canon can.

Currently, much of our spares and support are kept in Holland and Germany but Canon has rented lots of warehouse space in the UK in order to keep stock here, to make sure there’s no break in continuity of support for our customers. So that’s alright then.

I’m free!

Maybe one quote too far, but once our customers are free of the three-year rental agreement they take out with Trio Systems for their MFD, we give them the opportunity to extend on a year-by-year basis until they are ready to commit to a new agreement.

In the case of Brexit, when the situation is so fluid, it can benefit a company to put off a decision until we all have a clearer picture of life after 29th March, so this is an ideal time to use that option.

We can be flexible like this because we rent directly to the customer rather than via a separate finance company and can offer secondary rentals for shorter periods. This gives our customers more continuity and flexibility, and often at a lower monthly rate.

Trio systems

Trio Systems exists to equip our customers with the right products tailored for their specific requirements, providing personable service and support, no matter what the future might bring..

As an authorised Canon dealership we supply a broad range of digital office solutions to suit our customers’ requirements, from small desktop copiers to machines capable of large scale copying, printing and scanning in colour or black and white, our machines reduce printing and copying costs and integrate smoothly into any office workflow.

For more information about the best multifunctional devices to suit your office needs, then contact me at Trio Systems or call us on 020 8893 4455.


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