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Canon’s LGEM scheme saves money on copying bills for charities, schools & medical facilities

One of the benefits of working exclusively with one brand of photocopier and

multifunctional device like Canon is the opportunity to pass on special offers from the

manufacturer. I’m not talking about seasonal discounts to clear the shelves but genuine offers to help customers in particular sectors. And it’s even more satisfying when I can help a worthy cause with a high volume of document production to save significant amounts on their annual stationery bill.

After a break of several years Canon is offering support to organisations working in the

charity, education and medical sectors through its Local Government Education & Medical (LGEM) scheme. The scheme offers multifunctional devices (offering photocopier, scanner and printer functions combined) at a 20% discount.

LGEM case study

One of my clients at Trio Systems is a private school near Hindhead which uses 16 Canon

machines, all supplied by us. At the beginning of this year we were negotiating a new contract period for the school and I was able to offer the discount under the LGEM scheme.

Private schools and academies in particular can take advantage of the LGEM scheme

because they have the freedom to shop around for services and aren’t tied to county

suppliers. The school prints around one million sheets a year and taking advantage of the LGEM scheme we were able to give them savings of around 50% on their photocopying bills..

Trio systems

Trio Systems exists to equip our customers with the right products tailored for their specific requirements, providing personable service and support. As an authorised Canon dealership we supply a broad range of digital office solutions to suit our customers’ requirements, from small desktop copiers to machines. Capable of large scale copying, printing and scanning in colour, our machines reduce printing and copying costs and integrate smoothly into any office workflow.

For more information about the best multifunctional devices to suit your office needs, just contact Trio Systems on 020 8893 4455.


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