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E-Maintenance: A Remote Way To Keep Your Photocopier Running

Did you know that the Canon photocopier you’re leasing or renting, and many other makes of office multifunctional device (MFD), can tell your supplier when it needs more toner or which parts are wearing out?

Why Am I Doing Someone Else's Job?

When you’re running a busy operation, the last thing you need is for your photocopier to break down or run out of toner, so you have to get on the phone to your supplier while bored employees twiddle their thumbs and the office grinds to a halt.

And if your machine is on a lease or rental agreement, isn’t it annoying to have to visit each machine every month and record the number of copies it’s made so that your provider can bill you accurately? Surely that’s their job?

Five Benefits To You By Using MFD E-Maintenance Support

A few years ago we started using e-maintenance technology at Trio Systems to monitor the multi-functional devices we supply to our clients.

So long as your machines are connected to a LAN, which they usually are, each one can send us an automated email report, giving us lots of useful information:

  • In the bad old days we used to chase busy staff for quarterly copy readings, but now we can do all that for you remotely.

  • If you need more toner, we’ll know and we can get one to you next day.

  • The system warns us if something’s going on, even before office staff notice. For example, if a machine suffers five paper jams in the same location over a short period, this could be a sign that a part is failing; we can see this information, deduce the cause and deal with it on a service call.

  • Sometimes a serious error develops that takes more than switching off, then on, to cure; for example a heater problem will keep shutting down the machine and it will fail completely if not dealt with. This will be highlighted at our office so we can send someone out urgently to fix it.

  • The system records a history of spare part use so we can work out average lifetimes unique to that machine. The email can then warn us if a spare part is coming to the end of its lifespan so we can make sure to put one in the post or send out the right part out with our maintainer for its regular check-up.

Through an online portal, we can even see where each machine is located in your company, but don’t worry – information only flows one way. We can’t send any instructions to your machines and have no access to your LAN.

Could You Be Benefiting Right Now From Photocopier E-Maintenance?

If loss of photocopier will disrupt your office and cost you money, then this is one of the ways we make sure you stay operational without you having to worry. If your MFD supplier isn’t providing you with this service then ask them why, or find someone who does.

Want To Keep Your Office Working? Ask For Our Free Consultation.

Trio Systems offers the full range of Canon multifunctional devices. For a free consultation on the best and most cost effective solution to keep your office running, then contact Trio Systems or call on 020 8893 4455.

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