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PaperCut Could Save Time As Well As Paper In Your Office

Modern offices are so efficient and convenient these days. You can send a document from your desktop to the printer and it’ll be waiting for you at the office machine - no waiting around, no waste of paper - it’s far more efficient, yes?

Well… no. You waste time getting up and down from your desk all day, someone takes your printed letter by mistake or throws it in the bin, or you realise you’ve printed ten copies by mistake

A More Efficient Way To Control Printing

At Trio Systems, we now sell a very popular document management software package by PaperCut that makes people wait at the printer for their work, and yet, counter-intuitively, it ends up saving you time and paper.

Even though I get paid by the copy, I’m recommending this to my customers, especially solicitors, accountants and schools, because of the amount of printing they do and the potential there is for cutting down massively on wastage.

The software only takes 30 minutes to install on your office server, no matter how many printers or multi-functional devices you have on your office network. We then put an app on each printer, which is the interface with the user, and you’re ready to go.

How PaperCut Works

While you’re busy working at your desk, you send each completed document to the office server. Then, when it’s convenient, you can go and collect all your documents in one go from the printer of your choice.

Your documents aren’t waiting for you to collect (or getting picked up with someone else’s work). First you have to log in and look at your account, which makes you decide which print jobs you really need; then you hit the GO button and your account prints off only your selected documents – don’t worry, modern printers don’t keep you waiting very long – and you’re done, saving time and paper in the process.

And if a job remains unprinted after a set time, it’s automatically deleted, again saving paper and preventing annoying log-jams of old jobs

Better Control & Auditing For Your Printer

As well as saving on paper wastage and time, PaperCut requires a PIN or swipe card system to access your account, so it tightens up office security.

And PaperCut stores all the information on who prints what, where and when, giving your office manager or financial department all the data they need to control the stationery budget.

Free Trial

Recommending PaperCut may cut into my commission but I like giving my customers the right advice to solve their wastage problems.

So if you’re interested in cutting paper wastage, improving efficiency, increasing security and having greater budgetary control over your office, contact me at and we can talk about the 40-day free trial that PaperCut offers

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